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To wrestle the first match of the card
To attempt a scripted move or line and not perform it well or as planed
An occurrence in which a wrestler's shoulders are pinned to the mat for a count of two, but the wrestler manages to escape before the referee's hand hits the mat a third time
A manager who does the promos, or all the talking, for a wrestler possessing little or no mic skills
An in-character interview or monologue
Accepted by fans, and getting the desired reaction from them.
Non televised match
To Fall on the mat or ground
Refers to a wrestler who is in the early stages of their career and, as a result, may be prone to make mistakes because of their inexperience.
To become exhausted during a match
A wrestler or story line that attracts the attention of the audience, people willing to pay to see
An experienced wrestler who knows how to work a match to its full potential
The 'good-guy' wrestler
A fan who is aware of and interested in the backstage and non-scripted aspects of wrestling
A highly-promoted non-title match at or near the end of a card, which is a main selling point for an event
An unfair and controversial finish, often involving cheating or outside interference.
Boos or negative reaction from the live fans.
To show no reaction to an opponent's offensive moves
The character played by a wrestler
A fictional storyline
A cheer or positive reaction from the crowd.
To react to an opponent's attacks in a manner that suggests to the audience that the attacks hurt.
A sudden change in the direction of a storyline to surprise the fans.
A wrestler intentionally cutting himslef
To sabotage a throw by letting one's body go limp instead of cooperating, which makes the throw much harder, if not impossible, to execute.
The worked rising of a popular wrestlers' status in the eyes of the fans.
A wrestling fan who enthusiastically believes that professional wrestling is not staged
Any planned action or series of actions in a match
The presentation of scripted actions and worked matches as being legitimate or real.
A switch in alignment of a wrestler's character.
A risky top rope move
To determine and schedule the events of a wrestling card
A wrestler who routinely looses to build the credibility of other wrestlers
A loose hold applied during a match, during which wrestlers catch their breath and/or plan the next series of spots together
The 'bad guy' wrestler

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