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Forced Order
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Had a serious relationship with Liz Irwin
Most likely to change the playlist to the Rolling Stones or the Eagles
No fashion sense
Ate dog **** for $35
Two most common excuses: 'Not trying to spend money', 'I gotta go eat at my grandparents'
Can't make a decision
Constantly injured
Most likely to rule the underworld
On Facebook for over 5 hours everyday
Most likely to star in a soap opera
Can legally get away with killing someone in different countriers
Class act
Most experience managing a coffee shop
Has taken over 30,000 pictures
Used to just SCREAM into a microphone with Derek Sampson
Dopiest drunk
Cares about his cutting board more than his friends
Will NOT take advice
You will never hear a word of **** come out of his mouth
Knocks everything over all the time
Once saw him **** in a 30 rack
Has a BevNet Account to review new sodas/juices coming out
Doesn't care about his Rhode Island roots
Will **** pretty much anything
Will never get black out/sloppy when drinking
6-8 Weeks
Has a 43 year old sugar momma in Newport
According to his facebook still thinks he's in Brooklyn
Hair Changes with the seasons
Only one of us with a tattoo
Only one of us in a fraternity
Constantly exaggerating
Was once 240 pounds
Parents met in a URI aerobics class
Has psoriasis
Would rather fix suspension than chill
Will agree with ANYTHING you say
But at the same point.... / EXACTLY!....
Has by far the most skeletons in their closet
Victim of childhood obesity
will not stop saying 'SHUT......UP' when drunk
is way too long
Just a great overall guy...
Lui pensa che e' una cosa buona a parlare in un'altra lingua
BUTCHERS song lyrics to the point that we have to question whether or not he's retarded
Eats arguably way too many calzones...
Loves his car more than anyone
Literally born in a different country
Once peed on the Tiernan's brand new living room carpet
Had a Cadillac
Will do anything to impress a girl
Never wants to live in an environment like Withington again
Should have paid rent in mattress world
Makes the WORST pancakes
Most dominant beer pong team
Perhaps living a little too much in the past in terms of beer pong
Just got his first girlfriend
The only one who thinks Adam is funny
Ditched Rhode Island Hard
For Some reason loves all boys summer camps during the best time of the year when everyone comes home and all the best **** goes on
Lives in a PIECE OF **** HOUSE at college
Look identical to the character from Spy vs. Spy
Has no idea how to save money
Impossible to change his mind...
Did I mention what a stand up guy he is?
Parents work at Shaw's (not really)
Gets retarded after two beers
Has an audi sign on his bedroom door
Loves having girlfriends
Has no facebook
Most likely to have an illegitimate child
Mom is constantly at Foxwoods

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