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Can you name the character, creature, or place in Harry Potter?

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A Main Headmaster
B Death Eater
C Location at Hogwarts
D House Elf
E Potion
F Broomstick
G Weasley Twin
H Owl
I Durmstrang Death Eater
J Harry's Father
K Elf
L Pub in Diagon Alley
M Only 1 real eye
N Draco's mother
O Location at Hogwarts
P Ron's rat
Q Main sport in Harry Potter
R Founder of one of Hogwart's Houses
S Potions and one year of DADA teacher
T Leaky Cauldron Bartender
U You wanted her dead more than Voldemort
V Main Antagonist
W Tool used to extend magical abilities
X Luna's Father
Y Death Eater
Z Location in Hogsmeade

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