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Can you name the Minor Spongebob Characters?

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guess whocharacter
SpongeBob's cousin that just got realeased from jail
The bubbly friend of spongebob
The rich nemisis of squidward
The person squirdward ask for their wallet but refused to give it to them
Squidwards pure bred snail
The evil wizard when spongebob and patrick go back in time
The seahorse that eats old man jenkins
He was #1
My leg
The doctor
He rode out into the sunset on a spotted horse
Mr. Krabs' grandpa
guess whocharacter
Legendary surfer that surfs into the big one
Patrick's fake Mom
Patrick's fake Dad
Squidward's caveman ancestor
Pearl's ex-boyfriend
The bouncer at the Salty Spitoon
The two people Sandy thought Patrick and SpongeBob were when she was hybernating
The egg at Mrs. Puff's boating school
An old, extremely slow snail with a moustache
The guy who wanted to stangle SpongeBob
Name one of the three chimpanzees that came and inspected Sandy's inventions

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