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What is the name of the Retarded Horse?
What was Meg's boy name in the future?
What kind of Car does Peter buy Meg?
When Joe got legs, who did Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire try to replace Joe with?
What kind of Mp3 device did Carter make fun of Bill Gates with?
What kind of commercial did Stewie appear in?
What was the name of the toilet in the potty training video Brian and Stewie watch?
What was the name of the horse that had the injured leg
What kind of animal did Chris want to keep before it bit him?
Who dueled Sir Joesph Broadfront?
Who did Stewie laugh at when he fell down the stairs?
Who is Stewie's evil brother?
What was the black guy Joe hangs out with when he gets legs?
Who was the boyfriend of Stewie's babysitter, LaDawn?
Who created the universe?
What was the name of the Indian who was in the bathroom of the Indian Casino?
Who wouldn't take his sneakers off because of his name?
Who was the girl that wanted to change the name of James Woods High to Martin Luther King Jr. Regional High School? (Brian dated her)
What did Mayor West bring to the movies to eat?
Who was the girl that Death liked that worked at a pet store?
What did Peter eat a lot of that made him blind?
What was the name of the popular guy that Meg dated when she got a make over? (He plays by his own rules)
What was the name of the black guy that replaced Cleveland?
What famous celebrity does Peter think is just some guy with a hat?
Who does Chris marry when he joined a South American tribe?
What did Peter think Adrian Beaky's name was when he first met him?
What was the name of the fish who Peter went to kill in order to get a $50,000 reward?
What was one of the pictures that Seamus had in his wooden arm?
What country star do they always reference, and then show his performances?
Who has rectal cancer and claims it's a great way to stay in shape?

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