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Quiz Updated Nov 5, 2014

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State that shares a name with 'Dust in the Wind' bandMusic
The Tidewater region is in this stateGeography
State with the largest Jewish populationReligion
This state's two largest universities play an annual football game nicknamed the 'Civil War'Sports
State that is the largest producer of maple syrupMiscellaneous
State named after the Ojibwe phrase for 'great river'Language
State that contains the consonants h, m, n, p, r, s, and wLanguage
ESPN's headquarters are in this stateEntertainment
The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral occurred in this stateHistory
The Mirage casino is in this stateGaming
State where Salk developed the first effective Polio vaccineScience
State that's an anagram for 'that rad nook'Just for Fun
Characters Curly McLain and Laurey Williams star in a musical named for this stateEntertainment
Bunker Hill Day is observed in this stateHoliday
The Battle of Fort Sumter happened in this stateHistory
Due to its General Corporation Law, over 50% of U.S. publicly-traded corporations are incorporated in this stateMiscellaneous
The 'Twilight' series takes place in this stateLiterature
The properties in the U.S. standard version of Monopoly are named for a city in this stateGaming
Seward Day is observed in this stateHoliday
President Harry Truman's home stateHistory
'Wild and Wonderful' state with the most car-deer collisionsMiscellaneous
Hasbro headquarters are located in this northeastern stateGaming
Motown Records' stateMusic
King Kamehameha I Day is observed in this stateHoliday
State where you'll find Badlands National ParkGeography
The 'Field of Dreams' can be found in this stateMovies
Only state that ends with a 'G'Just for Fun
The first state to have an element named after itScience
Custer's Last Stand took place in this stateHistory
The Osmonds call this state homeEntertainment
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in this stateMusic
Creighton University is in this stateMiscellaneous
State with the highest percentage of Spanish speakers (43%)Language
'Parks and Recreation' is set in this stateTelevision
State where you'll find Crater of Diamonds State ParkGeography
'South Park' is set in this stateTelevision
The Johnson Space Center is located in this stateScience
State where 'To Kill a Mockingbird' takes placeLiterature
Nampa is this state's second most populous cityGeography
Rev. Billy Graham's home stateReligion
'The Green Mile' and 'Steel Magnolias' are set in this stateMovies
Jack Dawson of 'Titanic' was from Chippewa Falls in this stateMovies
The annual 'Run for the Roses' takes place in this stateSports
Stephen King's home stateLiterature
State where religious leader Joseph Smith was killedReligion
This state has hosted the most Super BowlsSports
Until its demolition in 2014, the Metrodome was in this stateSports
The Bonnaroo Music Festival takes place in this stateMusic
Missing letters state: _ _ O _ _ I _Just for Fun
'The Wire' is set in this stateTelevision

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