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Can you name the AKC dog breeds from the origin of their name?

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Developed in the town of Malines, Belgium
Name comes from a historical term for present-day Germany and Poland
Comes from the beard and moustache on this dog's muzzle
May have come from an Old English affectionate term for a 'playful little devil or monkey'
French for 'butterfly'
This dog worked as a ratter on Flemish river barges
Chinese for 'Sandy coat'
Chinese for 'lion'
Derived from a French term meaning 'gape throat' referring to the animal's tendency to bay
This Canadian breed is named after where it originated and how it attracts ducks
Name is derived from the original owner and breeder - Rev. John Russell
Derived from the German court that first sponsored the breed
Originally used for dog fighting, this dog would stand on its hind legs and bat at opponents with the front
Named after the Siberian people that created the breed for herding reindeer and hauling sleds
Translates to 'Bush Thing' to reflect its African heritage
Comes from a Turkish word meaning 'armed guard of the nobility'
Refers to the European port from which they originated
German for 'Badger Dog'
Originally served as a watchdog on riverboats for the Kees
Named after the Mexican state of the same name

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