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An amazing Rays fan that everyone loves.
A DC sports fan that has his own Instagram for DC sports and attracts gay boy.
A stupid Mexican Yankees bandwagon that also bandwagons the Wizards, Nets, and Tigers.
A biased Orioles fan that has daily porn sessions.
A Tigers fan that commentates every Tigers game.
A Dodgers fan that thinks arena football is amazing.
A Pirates fan that says @ to everything.
A Giants fan that is obsessed with the person above.
A Twins fan that asks for people's address's and cries a lot.
A Dodgers fan that claims to have had sex over 100 times. He always says that he's rich but lives in a log cabin.
A Nats fan that everyone hates cause he's so annoying.
The name that everyone refers to.
A Tigers fan that is a cat.
A Braves fan that pwns everyone.
A paid prostitute that wins everything on preplay.
The name of the app.
The creater of the app.
An admin that made the app shut down because he became a rich self centered DB that didn't care about anyone else.
The main admin in 2015 that blamed for the lag instead of its horrible servers.
The best admin to ever grace the app.
The worst admin of all time.
The second worst admin of all time.
A stupid Cardinals fan that cries a lot and gives his address out to random people.
An O's fan that blames his phone for his terrible typing.
A thirsty Australian person that bandwagoned the Giants in 2010.

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