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League commisioner.
Admin, high overall, basically the commisioner.
5 time intra league champion, most fans, best league vs league tournament player, pro madden player.
Inactive player with high overall.
High fans, inconsistent.
Preplay filter, one of three accounts by this person.
Another one of three accounts by this person.
Calls people out in chats.
Always complains about EA 'robbing' him, but can't realize he needs to upgrade his team.
Wins some intra leagues with a bad team.
Never talks, inactive at times.
Second most fans.
Inactive at times, gets his phone taken away.
Likes to gift people stuff.
Mostly inactive.
Always inactive.
Active but never takes drives on anything.
Also active and never takes his drives.
Annoying guy, don't know why he's admin cause he dooesn't deserve it, active but never takes any drives.
Commisioner's mini account.
Who is this guy.
Always says he will take his drives but doesn't.
Never seems to win any intra leagues although he gets close each time.
Worst in the league, can't make PATs, bribes players.
Another sucky player, can't score high, always forfeits.
Old friend from PrePlay.
Also don't know this guy.
Fag that always leaves and comes back and sucks at madden.
Inactive sucky guy.
Another annoying guy that left the league.

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