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Can you name the Influencing factors of radiographic density?

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_______ is the controlling factor of density
Film/Screen: Increasing mas will ________ density
Film/Screen: To noticeably increase density, you must multiply mas by ___
Increasing density will make your image appear lighter or darker?
Film/Screen: Your image is overexposed. You need to noticeably decrease density. Multiply mas by _____
Film/Screen: Your image is significantly too light. To fix this, you must ______ mas
Decreasing density will make your image appear lighter or darker?
Film/Screen: Your image is significantly overexposed. To fix this, you must ______ your mas
Digital: On a kodak or agfa system, increasing mas will ______ the exposure index
Digital: On a Fuji system, increasing mas will ________ the S-Value
Digital: Doubling your mas on an AGFA system will increase your exposure index by _____
For digital imaging, should you use the '30% Rule' or the 'Double-Half Rule' to obtain a proper exposure index or s-value?
_______is the primary INFLUENCING factor of density
If you increase your kvp, density will _______
The sensitivity of film and screen combined is called ______ ______.
Film/Screen combination is a _________ influencing factor of density
If you increase the relative speed of the film/screen combination, density will ______
Anatomical Thickness is a _____influencing factor of density
As part thickness increases, density will ______
Increasing the angle of the CR will ______ part thickness, therefore it will ______ density
A positive contrast media, like barium, will _____density.
You xray a wrist. Then xray a pelvis. With all factors the same, which image will have less density?
An additive pathology (ex: fluid) will _______ density
A subtractive pathology will ________ density
A negative contrast media, like air, will _______ density
Beam Filtration is a ______ influencing factor of density
Filtration is automatically compensated for by the computer by increasing ______.
QuestionType your answer(s)
Beam filtration filters ______energy ______ from the x-ray beam.
If you increase your beam filtration, density will _______.
Decreasing SID will _______ density
As SID increases, the xray beam ________ more, which reduces the _______ of the radiation measured at the IR.
As OID increases, less ______ xrays reach the IR
Increasing OID will _______ density
The Anode/Heel Effect is a ______ influencing factor of density
The cathode end of the tube will cause an ______ in density
The anode end of the tube will cause a _______ in density
The thickest body part should be placed at the ______ end of the tube
The Anode/Heel Effect is caused by a variation in intensity across the xray field due to the steep angle of the ______
The Anode/Heel Effect is more pronounced ______ SID's and ______ films.
As grid ratio increases, density will _____.
The ____ is the biggest source of scatter radiation
Grids help control density because they absorb _______ radiation/x-rays.
Focal Spot Size/Effective focal spot refers to ______ area size on the ______ disc where the xray beam originatles
On a properly calibrated unit, changing FSS/EFS will ____ effect density.
A smaller FSS/EFS will produce better _______.
A larger FSS/EFS will produce less _____-n-______ on the tube.
Beam restriction is more commonly refered to as ________.
Increasing beam restriction will result in a ________ in density.
Increasing beam restriction decreases the fiels size, which means less _____ reaches the IR.
In order to calculate the intensity of radiation after changing SID, use the _____ _____ _____.
____ rules!
In order to calculate what your new mas should be after changing the SID, use the _____ _____ _____.
Changing your mas after changing your SID is done to maintain ______

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