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Radiographic contrast cannot be corrected with excessive or insufficient ________!
Low contrast = ______ gray tones
True or False? digital receptors inherently produces higher contrast than film and screens
The range of densities that an image receptor will display after processing is ____ ____.
The contrast produced by the x-ray beam, the patient and all other factors (sans film/screens) relative to exposure is _____ ______.
The overall contrast of the image (IR +Subject) is ____ ____.
The controlling factor for radiographic contrast is ____.
kVp should be used to influence contrast ONLY in the ____/____ world.
Film Screen: As kVp increases, contrast ______.
_____ must be adequate to evaluate ______.
To alter the contrast of a Digital Image, use the ____ rule
If you increase your kVp by 15% to decrease a digital image's contrast, the mas must be cut in ______.
If you decrease your kVp by 15%, your mas must be ______ to compensate.
The primary INFLUENCING factor for contrast is ______.
Focal Spot Size/Effective Focal Spot will ____ affect contrast on a properly calibrated unit.
The Anode heel effect is a _______influencing factor for contrast
True or False? The Anode Heel effect causes a variation in density across an image, therefore the contrast level is varied as well.
Anode Heel Effect has ___ affect on contrast.
Beam filtration is a secondary _______ factor of contrast.
Increased filtration causes a ________ in contrast when compensated with higher mAs.
Beam restriction is a _______influencing factor of radiographic contrast.
Increase beam restriction leads to a _______ in field size
As beam restriction increases, contrast ______.
Decreased field size means less ______ will reach the IR, which will _____ contrast
Grids are a secondary ______ factor of radiographic contrast.
An increased grid ratio causes less ______ xrays to reach the IR, which will ______ contrast
Image Receptors are a ______ influencing factor of radiographic contrast.
Speed refers to the ______ to exposure.
Changing screen speed will have __ _______ on contrast.
Anatomical part considerations are secondary influencing factors of radiographic contrast. True or False?
Reduced part thickness will _____ contrast.
A wrist will produce less _____x-rays than a pelvis.
Which xray would have higher contrast? The wrist xray or the pelvis?
Increasing the angle of the CR will ______ the thickness of the body part you are trying to xray.
If you ______ the angle of the CR, contrast will decrease.
High contrast occurs when there a big difference between the density and atomic # of ________ tissues
As tissue atomic # increases, scatter radiation will ______, therefore contrast will _______.
As tissue density increases, contrast will ______.
A more dense tissue will produce more _____xrays.
All additive pathologies increase radiographic contrast. True or False?
All Subtractive pathologies decrease radiographic contrast. True or false
Understanding how to ______for pathologies to maintain ______ is clinically relevant.
The effects of pathology on contrast are not _____ ______.
Positive contrast medias will _____ radiographic contrast.
Negative contrast medias will _____ radiographic contrast.
Distance is a secondary _______ factor for radiographic contrast.
Changing SID will have no affect on contrast if the SID change is _______ for by adjusting technique.
An ______ in OID will decrease the amount of scatter xrays that reach the IR.
Decreasing OID will _______ contrast.
High contrast is needed for ______ exams to see maximum ____ detail.
kVp should remain ____to achieve high contrast.
High constast is needed for contrast media exams to differentiate ___ ____ structures.
abdomen, pelvis and lumbar spine exams use _______ contrast.
Moderate contrast exam's kVp should remain in the __s to low ___s.
_____ radiography utilizes low contrast to see subtle pulmonary strucures
kVp for chest xrays should remain ____.
Contrast and density influence the ______ of detail on an xray image.

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