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Bill's (ex)-wife left him in what year?
What was the name of the place Hank worked right before he went to Strickland Propane?
Frito Pie with Wolf Brand Chili is traditionally served on which day?
What is Dale's cigarette brand of choice?
Octavio has a tattoo of whom on his chest?
Finish this sentence: Head to feet, you won't cause a leak. Feet to head, ....
What is Boomhauer's first name?
Which state was Peggy originally from?
What was Arlen's original name?
Which band performed at the Arlen High School prom?
Name at least one of Lucky's redneck friends.
What is Hank's most dreaded aisle in the Mega Lo Mart?
Cotton attempted to assassinate whom at Yankee Stadium?
What is Bobby's middle name?
Combine ammonia and bleach, and you get...
What did Hank name his guitar?
'Dusty old bones, full of....'
What is the name of John Redcorn's band?
Which hair product does Kahn use excesssively?
What is Connie's primary instrument?
Hank's Japanese half-brother Junichiro works with what?
What is Buck Strickland's son's name?
According to Peggy, carneceria means what in English?
Ted Wasanasong is a member of which country club?
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