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DefinitionVocab Word
whats tested in an experiment
whats measured to illustrate the result of an experiment
international system of units used for all measurements in science
technique by which a scientifically selected segment of the population is surveyed and tested and the results are applied to the entire population
anything that has mass and volume
a measure of the quantity of matter
a measure of gravitys pull on a mass
the amount of space that matter occupies
most fundamental unit of all matter
sub-atomic particle that is found in the nucleas and have no charge (neutral)
sub-atomic particle that is found in the nucleas and have a positive charge
sub-atomic particle that orbits the nucleas and has a negative charge
chemically pure substance that consists of only one specific type of atom
number that directly indicates the number of protons (indirectly indicates the number of electrons)
indicates the sum of the protons and neutrons
atoms that have the same atomic number but have different mass numbers
emit charged particles from their nuclei and decay into other element
can be used to treat/diagnose disease, sterilize medical equipment, and determine the age of rocks/fossils
consist of two or more different elements that are chemically bonded in fixed proportions
elements with filled outer energy levels
when 2 or more elements share one or more pairs of electrons to fill their outer energy levels
involves the transfer of electrons between atoms, held together by the attraction of oppositely charged ions
DefinitionVocab Word
charged atoms (have an unequal number of protons and electrons)
consist of 2 or more things not chemically bonded
when one substance is uniformally distributed throughout another
substance that is dissolved into the other substance
substance that dissolves the other substance
measure of the amount of solute that dissolves into a fixed amount of solvent
point at which no more solute will dissolve into the solvent
solutions in which water is the solvent
below 7 on the pH scale
above 7 on the pH scale
acids have a greater concentration of this kind of ions
bases have a greater concentration of this kind of ions
measures acidity and alkalinity
substances that can neutralize small amounts of acids and bases
all contain C, H, and O. have many C to H bonds which is used for long term energy storage.
monomers of most lipids
composed of 3 fatty acids plus glycerol
composed of fatty acids plus alcohol
lipids in cell membrane, have only 2 hydrocarbon chains instead of 3
all contain C, H, O, and N.
monomers of proteins
huge polymers that function to store genetic information and direct cellular activities
DefinitionVocab Word
monomers of nucleic acids
person who discovered cells in the 1660s
first person to observe living cells (1670s)
botanist who concluded that all plants are composed of cells (1800s)
zoologist who concluded that all animals are composed of cells (1800s)
person who observed cell division and concluded that cells come from other cells (1800s)
states that cells are the basic unit of structure and function in all organisms, all organisms are composed of cells, and cells come from other cells
average cell size
cells are limited to size due to:
varies with function
cells with an organized nucleas and membrane-bound organelles
cells lacking an organized nucleas and membrane-bound organelles
a flexible, semi-permeable membrane that seperates cells from others
water-loving, polar
water-fearing, non-polar
most basic unit of structure
cells of the same type working together to perform a function
composed of 2 or more different tissues working together to perform a function
2 or more organs working together to perform a function
organisms that posess characteristics similar to both uni- and multi-cellular organisms

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