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DefinitionOrganelle/Transport Method
fluid in the cytoplasm
functioning structures in cells
organize protein synthesis
prepares proteins for export and synthesizes steroids
processes and packages substances produced by the cell
packages of digestive enzymes that digest food molecules and recycle worn out cell parts (found only in animal cells)
carry out cellular respiration
protein rods that shape and support cells
cell skeleton formed by microtubules and microfilaments
composed of microtubules and assist during cell division
composed of microtubules and microfilaments and function to move many unicellular organisms
stores DNA and synthesizes RNA
double-walled membrane that surrounds the nucleus
synthesize ribosomes
found in addition to a cell membrane in a plant cell, provides support and protection of a cell
organelles that store pigments
a type of plastid that stores the photosynthetic pigments called chloraphyllis
DefinitionOrganelle/Transport Method
store starches
store water, enzymes, wastes, and toxins (only in plant cells)
movement of any substance down a concentration gradient
equal concentrations of a substnace throughout a space
the diffusion of water across a semi-permeable membrane
higher solutes, lower water
lower solutes, higher water
equal concentration of water and solutes
protein-controlled passages in the cell membrane which allow ions to enter and exit cells
diffusion that is assisted by cell membrane proteins that act as carriers
transport processes that move substances against a concentration gradient
requires the use of cell membrane proteins that act as carriers that grab 3Na+ from inside cell and release them outside cell, then grab 2K+ from outside the cell and bring them in
a membrane-bound organelle that carries substances across the cell membrane
process when cells export substances across the cell in vesicles
when cells import substances in vesicles
when cells import solids, even entire cells, in vesicles
when cells import solutes or fluids in vesicles

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