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QUIZ: Can you name the cartoon kids?

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HintCartoon kidmy comments
The Matricidal 1 year old child in a TV14 rated fox comedyThis ones easy-
An adorable peanut boy who has a pet doghonestly, none are that hard.
A beloved sea sponge with a sea star best friendYou had to see this one coming.
HintCartoon kidmy comments
An adventure craving 13 year old boy from the land of oooGotta be a cartoon network fan for this one.
A kids television star whose best friend is a monkey in boots and a talking backpackLOL she ftw
A boy from another well known cartoon who lives in the 100 acre woods and hangs out with talking animalsstill easy...
HintCartoon kidmy comments
A kid from an animated cartoon who swears like a sailor, and is best friends with a jewish boyhmmm...
Best friends with a brown talking dog who always starts every word with an RHe's more of a teen than anything.
A child of the main protagonist in a japanese manga/anime novel/televison showHaha you know I had to F*ck with you guys.
HintCartoon kidmy comments
Yellow boy from a well known adult cartoon whose catch phrase is 'eat my shorts'I might have given you too long of hints, but who cares?!??

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