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Name all associated with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Red Ranger (Zyranger)
Red Ranger 1 (Morphin)
Red Ranger 2 (Morphin)
Black Ranger (Zyuranger)
Black Ranger 1 (Morphin)
Black Ranger 2 (Morphin)
Blue Ranger (Morphin)
Blue Ranger (Zyranger)
Yellow Ranger (Zyuranger
Yellow Ranger 1 (Morphin)
Yellow Ranger 2 (Morphin)
Pink Ranger 1 (Morphin)
Pink Ranger 2 (Morphin)
Pink Ranger (Zyuranger)
Green Ranger (Zyuranger)
Green Ranger (Morphin)
Master (Zyuranger)
Master (Morphin)
Their Facility
Gave Rangers New Powers
Evil Boss (Morphin)
Evil Boss (Zyuranger)
Evil Boss 2 (Morphin)
Evil Boss Movie
Knight (Morphin)
Knight (Zyuranger)
Scorpion (Zyuranger)
Scorpion (Morphin)
Skeleton's Father
Vampire Bat (Morphin)
Vampire Bat (Zyruanger)
Troll (Zyuranger)
Troll (Morphin)
Monster Maker (Morphin)
Monster Maker (Zyuranger)
Gray Soldiers (Zyurangers)
Gray Soldiers (Morphin)
Bird Soldiers
Call On Uniforms (Zyruranger)
Call On Uniforms (Morphin)
Big Animals
Animals United
Vehicles United
All Vehicles Together
Red Beast
Red Zord
Black Beast
Black Zord
Blue Beast/Blue Zord
Yellow Beast
Yellow Zord
Pink Beast
Pink Zord
Green Beast/Green Zord
Carrier Zord
2nd Megazord
3rd Megazord
4th Megazord
White Ranger Zord
Red Weapon
Black Weapon
Blue Weapon
Yellow Weapon
Pink Weapon
Green Weapon
Weapons United (Zyuranger)
Weapons United (Morphin)
City (Morphin)
City (Zyuranger)
Fat Bully
Skinny Bully
Youth Center Owner
Zack's Crush
Zack's Cousin
Trini's Crush
Producer of Power Rangers
Company Produced Zyuranger
Name of Zyuranger
Gosei Series
Ninja Series
Power Rangers Season 1, 2, 3
End of Season 3
Power Rangers Season 4
Power Rangers Season 5
Power Rangers Season 6

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