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Real Name or hintAlias or real name
Hank Pym & Scott Lang
Doctor Hank McCoy
Natasha Romanoff
Steve Rogers
Peter Rasputin
Scott Summers
Matt Murdock
Wade Wilson
Stephen the neurosurgeon
Arthur Douglas
________ Natchios
Sam Wilson
Remy LeBeau
green woman
the tree
Clint Barton
Bruce Banner
Johnny Storm
Bobby Drake
Susan Storm
Danny Rand
Real Name or hintAlias or real name
Tony Stark
the phoenix
Jubilation Lee
Katherine Pryde
Carol Danvers
Reed Richards
Kurt Wagner
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
groot's friend
Anna Marie
Wanda Maximoff
Jennifer Walters
Peter Parker
Peter Quill
Ororo Monroe
Ben Grimm
____ Odinson
Janet Van Dyne
Logan Howlett
Hope Van Dyne

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