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Can you identify whether these TV shows really aired on US television, or are made up?

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On the Rocks: Sitcom about a minimum-security prison.
Gnu York City: Cartoon Network show about the adventures of Wendell the Gnu in the Big Apple.
Yoknapatawpha!: Sitcom based on the novels of William Faulkner.
Checking In: Florence Johnston (from The Jeffersons) 'moves up' to become the executive housekeeper of a Manhattan hotel.
The Second Hundred Years: Luke is frozen in an avalanche in 1900; 67 years later he thaws out and tries to make sense of his surroundings, and 1960s technology.
We Got It Made: Two bachelors hire an attractive live-in housekeeper.
Shore Excursions: This spin-off from The Love Boat explores what happens when passengers leave the Lido deck and search for love on land.
My Dogg Has Fleas: Reality show has rapper Snoop Dogg touring the nation's best flea markets.
Pretty Good: Game show in which cosmetologists compete to make-up audience members so that they resemble iconic movie stars.
Viva Laughlin!: Musical comedy-drama taking place at a casino in Laughlin, Nevada.
Justice is Sweet: Peter Sweet leaves a high-powered Chicago law firm to become a public defender, fighting for the underdog.
Mr. Smith: An orangutan develops an IQ of 256 and learns to talk, so he is hired as a political consultant in Washington, DC.
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England and Wales: Two married vaudevillians, Bob England and Janet Wales, quit performing to raise a family.
Supertrain: Drama about a nuclear-powered train decked out like a cruise ship. Plots centered around passengers' social lives.
I Married Dora: Single father marries his housekeeper to prevent her from being deported to El Salvador.
The Priest and the Pooch: A retired priest travels the US with his English sheepdog, helping individuals in crisis.
Holmes & Yo-Yo:Sitcom about a detective and his android partner.
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer: Sitcom satirizing the Lincoln administration, told from the point of view of one of Lincoln's servants.
Jennifer Slept Here: A movie actress who was run over by an ice cream truck returns to haunt her old house, now occupied by the Elliot family.
How 'Bout Them Apples?: Whenever the Apple family tries to maneuver through life, disaster (and hilarity) ensues.
Bottom of the Barrel: The misadventures of a young bartender who secretly lives in the basement of his workplace, The Whiskey Barrel.
Cavemen: Cavemen attempt to live in modern-day San Diego. Characters were originally from a GEICO commercial.
Hoosier Daddy: Hard-partying man marries modest midwestern divorcee and moves to her family farm in Indiana.
Doc of the Bay: Medical procedural that takes place at San Francisco General Hospital.

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