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Can you name the QEGS people (Mark II)?

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Baa! This person loves her green jacket
Gives frequent epidurals, likes loud sneezing
Robert Pattinson or Jenson button?
GOM party leader, loves bacon
The Glorious Leader
Sometimes needs to be in Mexico by sundown
Custard Cream, or Ginger Nut?
No honestly! They're not MAGIC!!!
The Coffee Machine
In the fields, in the barn...
Always got beat up in Year 8
Once dropped a doorstop out the window
Expensive bag
Has been 'a LITTLE bit ill'
hyperactive robot bag
The Scribe
A fragrant plant
Simple Simon met a _____
The honoury member of The Wurzels
Spells planner 'planer'
Powerball and a tennis racket
Used to 'find' correction pens
Are you looking at my nuts?
Wannabe in RE
Blonde latecomer
The haircut that went wrong
The girl of many phones
She lives in a circle, never put her bag on her back
The joke to end all jokes
Once asked me 'Why are you writing out your life story?'
Admired by Pikey, enjoys cruises
'Angry' according to Crazy Al
I'm not ginger, I'm auburn!
Junior of JA
Who even IS Moses?
Always forgets her note
Skittle merchant
Should she be called Sam Scott?
Gave logie a biscuit and murdered a wasp in front of the class
Didn't appreciate 'The Clapping'
Didn't hear Elliot's Crazy Frog ringtone
Sickening facial hair
Turned off the TV by wiping it
He dropped my work in a POND.
Fell of his chair in school council
Got more nice biscuits in the scranteen
Said I had a 'gramatically incorrect surname'
Loves her carpet
Has many hair colours

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