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Can you name the Mrs Gall's German set, Year 11 QEGS?

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Hasn't had a file for about a year
Epic sneezes and red faces
Known as 'The Gamer', very rudely accused me of stealing his pen in History
Hides behind maths textbooks, writhes on the floor
Likes the teacher's chair VERY much
Evil twin #1
Shares her surname with another year 11
He went to Langwathby Primary School
Got us all to hug Tom and jump off the table in Room 14
Likes to impersonate a certain History teacher as he walks into Room 13
Is another member of the 'Tom fan club' along with Milly, enjoyed the singalong yesterday
If she was a boy her dad would be called Richard
Enjoys netball, brunette, giggly
Not a fence, not a hedge, but a ______
Could be a guy who drives a wagon, possibly. is known as 'Vedran'
Really needs a haircut, no offence
Tall, likes football,
Falls asleep regularly in lessons
The 'Idol of Deutsch', and was secretly amused by 'The Clapping'
Evil twin #2
Name sharer of another person on this quiz
A dual linguist, not in our History group
Could possibly be Scottish
Commande Pimplea! Also a very high pitched laugh
Thought Tom's middle name was Tulip
Brainy tall person, also enjoys netball

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