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AThe Tenth Doctor's catchphrase
BYou gather this while time travelling, the Daleks can use it as fuel
CCyberman + Animal =______
D_____ Noble
EShe died in 'The Runaway Bride'
FThe cannibals in 'Utopia'
GMadame De Pompadour was the ____ __ __ _______
HDo you throw red or blue at this alien?
IEnemy encountered in 'Fear Her'
JThay, Caan, Sec and ____
KName of the planet In 'The Impossible Planet'
LAnother name for the Weeping Angels
MWilfred's surname
NGenetically Engineered _____ Imagination Engine, from The Stone Rose (book)
OThe ever legendary tentacle faces
PRose is trapped there (Not parallel)
QDevice that makes the Weeping Angels unable to move while being seen
RHome planet of the Slitheen
SAnother name for Earth
TDonna, there's something on your back...
UThe _____ And The Wasp, series 4 episode
VYou need 3D glasses to see this
WThe ____, played by Maureen Lipman
XMr Smith (in Sarah Jane's attic) is a _____
YThe Face Of Boe's last words
ZThe Sting of the _____, A BBC book

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