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Can you name the non-playable characters of Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction?

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Act I, II, III, IV, VMage; identifies items
Act ISells potion and scrolls
Act IBlacksmith
Act IRogue
Act IGambler
Act IMercenary rogue
Act I, IICaravan operator
Act IITavern proprietress
Act IISells wands, sceptres, and staves
Act IIGambler
Act IIBlacksmith; sells armor and weapons
Act IITown drunk
Act IIMercenary captain
Act IIPrince
Act IIPalace guard
Act IIPotions purveyor
Act II, IV, VArchangel
Act II, IIICaptain of a trade ship
Act IIIGambler and potions purveyor
Act IIIMercenary; leader of the Iron Wolves
Act IIIBlacksmith
Act IIIAssassin
Act IIISells wands and tomes
Act IVArchangel; guards the Chaos Santuary
Act IVBlacksmith
Acv IVArchangel; fell from grace
Act IVGambler and sells scrolls, potions
Act VDaughter of Auth; gambler
Act VBlacksmith; sells weapons and armor
Act VSells potions and scrolls
Act VGambler; clan elder
Act VBarbarian master-at-arms

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