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This Pokemon even though it is particularly new it has protected the citizens of Melemele Island for years
This Pokemon Looks very similar to Falkor from The Never Ending Story
If it wasn't for it's ability Truant this 3rd stage pokemon would be very good
This Pokemon was Most likely based of the Silver Surfer
Even though this pokemon should be a water and psychic it is only a water type
If this pokemon had 1 head instead of 3 it would look alot like He-Man
This Pokemon's Sun entry says it could die because of it's anger issues
This was the hardest pokemon to beat in a pokemon go gym when generation 2 came out in pokemon go it took the longest time to beat and evolves from a generation 1 pokemon
Too much lipstick
Know one has ever lived to tell what is under the cloth and no one ever will
It Could Be Nicknamed Red Bull
This tic is just cold. as cold a a bear maybe even a polar bear
This pokemon is the pokemon equivalent of John Cena

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