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Forced Order
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DetailsCharacterFirst Seen At
Main male protagonistWhite Orchard
Main female protagonistKaer Morhen (dream)
Travelling bard and friend of GeraltNovigrad
Dwarven war veteran and friend of GeraltNovigrad
Sorceress and love interest of GeraltWhite Orchard
Sorceress and other love interest of GeraltNovigrad
Aen Saevherne elf protecting CiriVelen
King of the Wild HuntKaer Morhen (dream)
General of the Wild HuntVelen
Wild Hunt Navigator and 'Golden Child'Velen
Jarl of Ard Skellig and Lord of Kaer TroldeSkellige
Witcher of the School of the WolfKaer Morhen (dream)
Other Witcher of the School of the WolfKaer Morhen (dream)
Daughter of the Jarl of Ard SkelligSkellige
Son of the Jarl of Ard SkelligSkellige
Old Witcher of the School of the WolfWhite Orchard
Hierophant of the Skellige Druid CircleSkellige
Sorceress and former advisor to FoltestVelen
Head of Redanian IntelligenceNovigrad
Emperor of Nilgaard and King of CintraVizima
King of RedaniaNovigrad
Sorceress of Tretogor and part-time owlNovigrad
Commander of the Blue StripesNovigrad
Female soldier in the Blue StripesNovigrad
Godling in Velen swampsVelen
Oneiromancer in NovigradNovigrad
Elven ViceroyTir ná Lia
Known as 'The Bloody Baron'Velen
Wife of the 'Bloody Baron'Velen
Daughter of the 'Bloody Baron'Oxenfurt
Temerian master spy/cobblerVelen
Nilfgaardian commanderVizima
Witcher of the Viper SchoolVelen
'Cunning Man' and herbalist in VelenVelen
DetailsCharacterFirst Seen At
Crone of VelenVelen
Crone of VelenVelen
Crone of VelenVelen
Warrior of the village of LofotenSkellige
Nilfgaardian spy murdered in VelenVelen
Sergeant of Crow's PerchVelen
The Ugliest Man Alive due to a curseVelen/Skellige
Commander of the Temple GuardNovigrad
Stillborn daughter of the 'Bloody Baron'Velen
Dwarven underground crime bossNovigrad
The King of BeggarsNovigrad
Novigrad crime boss with ties to RedaniaNovigrad
Actress in NovigradNovigrad
Deceased King of SkelligeSkellige
Doppler in NovigradNovigrad
Widow of Skellige's previous KingSkellige
Jarl of the southern half of Ard Skellig and lord of Kaer MuireSkellige
Jarl of HindarsfjallSkellige
Jarl of FaroeSkellige
Jarl of SpikeroogSkellige
Ataman of the Redanian Free CompanyEastern Novigrad
Powerful former merchant of mirrorsWhite Orchard
Deceased brother of the Ataman of the Redanian Free CompanyEastern Novigrad
Medic and student of the Oxenfurt AcademyOxenfurt
Snobbish owner of the Borsodis' Auction HouseOxenfurt
Disinherited heir to the Borsodi's Auction HouseOxenfurt
Deceased painter originally promised to marry an Ofieri princeEastern Novigrad
Relict monster and groundkeeper of the von Everec estateEastern Novigrad
Knight errant and baron to the duchy of ToussaintVelen
Knight errant and baron of LaunfalVelen
Duchess of ToussaintToussaint
Geralt's old higher vampire friendBeauclair
The Beast of BeauclairBeauclair
Sister of the Duchess and considered to be under the Curse of the Black SunToussaint
DetailsCharacterFirst Seen At
Captain of the Ducal GuardToussaint
Wealthy higher vampire party-thrower and orphanage supporterBeauclair
Eunuch in service at Dijkstra'a bathhouseNovigrad
Trobairitz in Novigrad and lover of DandelionNovigrad
Washer woman in Novigrad and lover of DandelionNovigrad
Chamberlain of the La Valette estate in Novigrad and lover of DandelionNovigrad
Teacher in Novigrad and lover of DandelionNovigrad
Fiery Nilfgaardian noblewoman in search of a swordplay instructorNovigrad
Tailer and crossdresser by NovigradNovigrad
Twin sister of the Nilfgaardian noblewomanNovigrad
Nilfgaardian sorceress and member of the LodgeSkellige
Lodge member freed from Oxenfurt prisonOxenfurt
Lodge member killed by Geralt as mercyOxenfurt
Zerrikanian rock troll in service to DijkstraNovigrad
Master alchemist druid in Skellige who guards his knowledgeSkellige
Skelligan archer saved by Geralt from rock trolls on UndvikSkellige
Skelligan warrior captured by the Ice Giant of UndvikSkellige
Drunken ship captain unafraid of SkelligeNovigrad
Master swordsmithNovigrad
Master ArmorerVelen
The spectre of Fyke IsleVelen
Lover of the spectre of Fyke IsleVelen
Frightened child saved from wolves by CiriVelen
Chief surgeon of Vilmerius HospitalNovigrad
Coroner of Novigrad and higher vampireNovigrad
Witch hunter from Oxenfurt and operating in Velen with TamaraOxenfurt
Notorious pirate cursed with lycanthropy and ever-lasting hungerSkellige
Godling 'haunting' a noble's houseNovigrad
Narcoleptic dwarf who was lost at seaThe Isle of Mists
Extremely powerful ancient vampire with the power to summon any other vampireToussaint
Very old woman who grants travellers entry up Bald Mountain on the SabbathVelen
Majordomo of Corvo BiancoToussaint

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