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How many people are in the band?~
What is Cole's last name?~
What is Dalton's last name?~
What is Dana's last name?~
What is Will's last name?~
What is Gabe's last name?~
What is Cole's middle name?~
What is Dalton's middle name?~
When is Cole's Birthday~
When is Dalton's Birthday?~
When is Dana's Birthday?~
When is Will's Birthday?~
When is Gabe's Birthday?~
What is Cole's hometown? (city, state)~
What is Dalton's hometown?~
What is Dana's hometown?~
What is Will's hometown?~
What is Gabe's hometown?~
What is Cole's sisters' name?~
What is Dalton's sisters' name?~
What is Cole's girlfriends' name?first & last
What is Dalton's girlfriends' name?first middle last
Where is she from?~
Who is Dana's really good friend (whose a girl) who was also in the 'Everything About You' music video?first & last
What is Dalton's favorite TV show?~
What is Cole (and Dalton's) favorite TV show?~
Who was in an episode of Criminal Minds?~
Who was on an episode of Shake it Up?~
Who doesn't like their hair?~
What is Cole's favorite animal?~
What is Dalton's favorite animal?~
What is Dana's favorite animal?~
What is Will's favorite animal?~
What is Gabe's favorite character?~
Who is IM5's director for music videos and photo shoots?~
What song was IM5's first music video?~
What song did IM5 do a duet with Bella Thorne?~
The guys all hate this word. It means 'bad' or 'ugly'~
Gabe says that he is ________ or 'cool'~
What city, state do all the guys now live in?~
What is Dalton and Cole's bromance name?~
What is Dalton and Will's bromance name?~
What is Cole and Dana's bromance name?~
Who wears makeup?~
What kind of makeup does he wear?~
What is Dalton and Madison's relationship quote?~
What is Dalton and Madison's couple name?~
What is Cole and Cassidy's couple name?
Who is Dalton's favorite celebrity?~
Who is Cole's celebrity crush?~
Which 2 boys have really good Rick Astley impressions?~
What is IM5's manager's name?~
Who created IM5?~
Where do all IM5 Ustreams take place? (Where their office is)2 words
What are the boys all fascinated with that is under Perez Hilton's desk?~
What is Cole's dad's name?~
What is Dana's mom's name?~
What is Dana's dad's name?~
What is Dana's favorite saying?~
What is Cole's favortie candy?~
What is Cole's favorite drink?~
What is Cole's favorite band?~
What are IM5 fans called?~
Dalton has a mask of a __________~
What is the masks' name?~
Dalton hates the word __________~
What is Cole's favorite sport?~
What is Dalton's favorite sport?~
What random instrument does Dalton play?~
What random instrument does Will play?~
Who wears the foxtail?~
What is Cole's biggest fear?~

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