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QUIZ: Can you name the most common fast food ingredients?

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AcidA preservative. Found in limes and grapefruits.
SweetenerSynthesized sugar. High in calories, low in nutrition, and in nearly everything.
Color AdditiveFood has to look good, too. Made by heating carbohydrates.
Flavor/SpiceUsed to make meals palatable. Causes high blood pressure.
Flavor EnhancerAmplifies other flavors but has no taste itself. A form of glutamate that could harm brain cells.
NutrientAKA Vitamin B3. Enriches food that otherwise has little nutritional value.
Oil/FatUsed for deep frying and key in margarine, cookies, crackers, etc. High in unsaturated fat, leads to heart disease.
EmulsifierUsed to smoothen the mixing of ingredients that wouldn't usually mix. Contains fats.
ThickenerA thickening agent. Keeps things like oil and vinegar from separating, creates a smooth texture.
Meat ProductUsed on fast food menus. Average yearly consumption per person: 59.2 lbs.

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