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All cash flow left over after paying for 1) the administration of a deal, 2) the costs of external credit support (if any), and 3) required payments to bondholders
Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
A procedure that allows a lender to force the sale of a property at public auction to pay back a debt secured by that property
The interest rate that equates the present value of all inflows to the present value of all out flows on an investment (acronym)
A default is considered this type of Prepayment
LIBOR (offering...)
Total Incremental Loss suffered during a period by the face value of all loans Liquidated to produce that loss
M-word for Subordinate Bond
A document that creates a security interest in real property, typically use to secure a debt evidenced by a promissory note
The party that lends money to a homeowner, taking a mortgage or deed of trust on the property as security

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