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Who is Clarie's brother?
Who is Leon's contact in RE4?
When is RE6 set to be released?
Name one of the 2 games re-released on Xbox 360 Arcade and Playstation Marketplace
What is the song Jill and Rebecca have to play on the piano in RE1?
What is Carlos' last name?
Who can be saved from poison in RE1?
At the beginning of Jill's seneraio in RE1, what does Barry give her?
Who is the daughter of William Birkin?
What is the name of the train in RE0?
What is the name of Ada's 'boyfriend'?
What does the 'S' in Leon S. Kennedy stand for?
What is the name of the island that Code Veronica takes place on?
When Chris returns to the main hall in RE1, what does he find?
In Chris' seneraio in RE1, who is missing when they enter the mansion?
Who assassinates Ozwell E. Spencer?
What building is blown up in RE3?
In RE2, who gives Leon the card to unlock the doors of the police station?
Who is Wesker's accomplice in RE5?
What character in RE2 can you get the key from to get alternate outfits?
What does S.T.A.R.S. stand for?
Who is the leader of the 'Los Illuminados'?
How old is Ramon Salazar?
Who helps Jill escape the Tricell facility?
What's the name of Alfred and Alexia Ashford's father?
What is Claire's Identification number on Rockford Island?
What platform was RE0 released on?

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