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A contest in Nintendo Power where the winner would have his/her name put into a Zelda game, and this winner got their name into Link to the Past. What is their name?
In the original NES game, once you beat the game you get the 'second quest'. What name do you use for the file to get to the second quest immediately?
In Majora's Mask, what is the nickname given to you by Romani, the girl at the ranch?
In Skyward Sword, what must you first do to activate back in time?
Aye, and easy on for you. Who is Shade from twilight princess?
What did Miyamoto do when he was a child that inspired him to create Zelda?
In chronological order, which came first, Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages
Here's an easy one. In Skyward Sword, what is Link's dominant hand?
Mario's piranha plant became a boss in the original NES Zelda game. What was this boss called?
The Triforce comes from a clan in Japan called Hojo. What did they call the symbol?
What show inspired the creation of Link's awakening?
Easy one. What did the third dungeon map in the original NES Legend of Zelda represent in Japan?
One of the easier questions. How many heart pieces are in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword combined?
Who voices young link in Ocarina of Time, and in Majora's Mask?
What was the original name the NES game was given?
Easy one. What did the third dungeon map in the original Legend of Zelda look like, but wasn't?
In the Japanese version of a certain game, the have a grave dedicated to Link. What game is this? (Just name the series)
This game was a Japan exclusive Satellaview add on. This game was a 16-bit version, and was similar to a Link to the Past. What was this game called?

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