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QUIZ: Can you name the name these narcissistic tv- and movie characters ?

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tv- show or movie.character.
The _ residence, the lady of the house speaking...!
Glamourus desperate housewifes; no its not the one your thinking, its her mother!
Why tell you what you did wrong when Charlie and Alan can show you.
OC mom.
And in the spirit of gender equality, number fours husband_.
Yes this anatomy guy, (both in real life and in charachter, although more so rlf). Shame cause he made a dame fine heart surgeon.
She was married to Jay before he married Gloria and is the mother of Claire and Mitchell and all things modern.
Only two words: absolutley faboulus!
I now his awesome, and he always suits up and this is probobly going to be legendary but still...
This might be why the scrubbing janitor hates him so much, that and the janitor is insane...
Tell me what you dont like about yourself...
'My mother was the most beuatiful women i had ever seen. She was also the most dangerous.'- White oleander. Think swedish actress _bergman (to get the name that is).
He is no wizz of the dark arts, he just ripped off a lot of warlocks and witches!
You, me and_
...number fourteens friends father inlaw...
tv- show or movie.character.
Jack Nicholson plays the title role in a movie called About _.
She is not just the devil wearing prada...
Izzies mother on Greys anatomy, just write the last name and it will come up.
As Richard Webber said, 'You know who you`r father is, and you know why you are still here'. Although not exactly played as one by Melissa George i think this pretend doctor qualif
Gossip girl character, guess which one...
The ref
Little house on the prairie. The one you hated; no not her. Her mother.
The mother of whom everybody loves...
Which one of the Gilmore girls...
Queer as folk; i believe you now know who; it`s Mr
Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy. Wait, don`t bother googling it. i`ll just give you the name; its 'Zaphod Beeblebrox' ok?
He is not just any fox. He is a fantastic fox. He is Mr...
Mo`nique`s not so precious but powerful portrail of...
'Welcome to the dollhouse' Mrs (its always the mother isn`t it)...
A Streetcar named desire. Lets see if you can get wich one my crazy mind would point out.

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