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Can you name the Avatar: The Last Airbender TV Show Characters?

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Aang's Airbending Teacher 
Airbending Avatar before Aang 
Aang's Flying Bison 
Aang's Pet Lemur 
Aang's True Love 
Aang's Waterbending Teacher 
Taught Katara Bloodbending Against her will 
Avatar before Kyoshi 
Makes a Big Swamp Monster 
Thinks Appa is Something to Eat 
Thinks a Rock is a Fire Nation Trap 
Aang's Earthbending Teacher 
Crazy King of Omashu 
Katara got him Arrested 
Fat Earthbending Wrestler with big Teeth 
Challenges Toph, a.k.a., the Blind Bandit 
Host of Earth Rumble VI 
Head of the Dai Li 
Avatar Before Roku 
Haru's Father 
Banished Prince Hunting Aang 
Zuko's Relaxed, Tea-loving Uncle 
Zuko's Crazy Sister 
Zuko's Power-mad Father 
Zuko's Grandfather 
Zuko's Great-Grandfather 
Avatar Before Aang; Zuko's Other Great-Grandfather 
Aang's First Firebending Teacher 
Katara's Cooky Brother 
Katara & Sokka's Father 
Katara & Sokka's Grandmother 
Katara & Sokka's Mother 
Sokka's First Girlfriend 
Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors 
Zuko's Girlfriend 
The Circus Freak 
Zuko's Mom 
Katara's First Kiss 
Surprisingly, is a Girl 
Doesn't Talk Much 
Name Doesn't Fit 
Is Very Short 
Hakoda's Best Friend 
Yue's Father 
Jeong Jeong's Assistant 
Freedom Fighter Mentioned Once 
Yue's Fiance 
Bounty Hunter 
Invented the War Balloon 
Aunt Wu's Assistant 
Handicapped Flyer 
Fortune Teller 

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