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Forced Order
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People and Natural Born Leaders
Who argued in favor of Spanish Conquest?
To seem rather than to be
Who argued against Spanish Conquest?
What created crises of Imperial Ethics?
What was the midevial argument La Casa drew on?
Patrono gave crown permission to what?
'Power is fleeting'
How did Aristotle define moral virtue?
Plants, etc.
Ethics are formed by?
What are the two reasons NA are considered to be 'evil'?
Where did this trial take place?
To be rather than to seem
Where does one's nature come from?
Animals, Natural Born Slaves
Fought against expansion of Ottoman Empire for Wallachia
Why is war against the NA justified?
What was the key factor in determining if one was a slave or ruler?
Father of Dracula
Imago Dei
Ontological Ethics
Encompasses broader set of traits necessita for maintenance of State (not what is morally good, but country's goals)
Reading Native American's their rights
Neagoe Basarab's Ethics
What are the three reasons NA are considered to be 'barbaric'?
Three portions of Machiavellian Ethics

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