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Forced Order
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Clue about characterCharacter
His mother died in childbirth, his father died a hero. Please look after him. His name is_____.
Will's mentor and father figure.
Ranger corps commandant.
Will's former wardmate, now a diplomatic courier.
Will's former wardmate, now a knight.
Halt's former apprentice, now the ranger of Norgate fief.
Oberjarl of the Skandians.
Baron of Redmont fief.
Crown Princess of Araluen
Head of the diplomatic corps at Castle Redmont
Clue about characterCharacter
Will's former wardmate, now a professional chef
Will's former wardmate, now a professional scribe.
An incredible healer with a nasty reputation
A Skandian friend of Will's who aids in the Seige of Macindaw
The much feared rebel warlord.
Rightful Lord of Castle Macindaw
The King of Araluen
Arridi Wakir of Al Shabah
Battle master of Redmont fief
Head chef at Castle Redmont

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