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Kryptonian raised in Smallville
Defender of Gotham
James Howlett
Scott Summers
Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist
Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner
Justice League member from Mars
Steve Rogers
Amazonian princess
Unknown alias, first known as the Red Hood
Clint Barton; Portrayed in cinema by Jeremy Renner
Portrayed by Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Michael Rosenbaum
Native to the planet Apokolips
Dick Grayson, the first Robin
Natasha Romanov
Experienced massive exposure to gamma rays
Created by Hank Pym as an A.I to save the world
Adopted brother to Thor
King of Atlantis and the seas
Erik Lensherr or Max Eisenhardt
Piotr Rasputin; member of the X-Men
The Man Who Broke The Bat
Former psychologist corrupted by The Joker
Carter Hall; Member of JLA and JSA
Occasional helper to the JLA; known for her magic
Pamela Isly
Selina Kyle; Lover to Bruce Wayne
The Fastest man alive
Deserted on an island for years, only to come back to Star City
Roy Harper
Floyd Lawton member of the Suicide Squad
Slade Wilson, professional mercenary
Victor Stone
Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson
The Villain Who Killed Superman
Member of the Yellow Lantern Corps.
Soulmate to Carter Hall
Courtney Whitmore
Able to shrink himself and gain super strength
Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy
Bobby Drake, Omega-Level mutant
Jean Grey
Opposite of Superman
Later becomes known as Oracle
Dr. Jonathan Crane
Leader of the League of Assassins
Direct Parody of Slade Wilson
Hank McCoy
Lover of Batman and mother to his son
Billy Batson

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