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Forced Order
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Chain of trade routes stretching from China to the Med. sea
Series of rulers from the same family
Dynasty that ruled China for almost 300 years
dynasty that ruled China after the Tang
System of hiring people based on their abilities
Mongol emperor of China
Group or chain of many islands
Capital city of midieval Japan
System in which poor people are legally bound to work for wealthy landowners
Japanese warriors
Supreme military commander of Japan
Muslim ruler
Hindu social class system that controlled aspects of daily life
Period of Muslim rule of India from the 1500s to the 1700s
Greatest Mughal leader of India
Tomb built by Shah Jahan for his wife
Years between ancient and modern times
Referring to the Middle Ages
Large estate
Farm worker considered part of the manor on which he or she worked
persons with authority to perform religious services
Expelling someone from the church
Organization of crafts workers or tradespeople
Unpaid person training in a craft or trade
Code of honorable conduct for knights
Traveling poet and musician of the Middle Ages
Jerusalem and parts of the surrounding area
Series of military expeditions launched by Christians to win the Holy Land back
City in the Holy Land regarded sacred by three major religions
Person who journeys to a sacred place
Community of people that shares territory and a government
Charter that limited the King's power
Series of conflicts between England and France
Widespread change in culture that took place in Europe
Interest in the classics
Individual letters and marks that can be arranged and rearranged quickly
Official pardon for a sin given by the pope in return for money
To go to heaven
Term used to describe Martin Luther's break from the church and movement it inspired
Refers to christian groups that separated from the Catholic Church
Going completely around the Earth
Strip of land connecting two larger areas of land
Exclusive control of goods or services in a market
Territory ruled over by a distant state
Person who is sent to do religious or charitable work in a foreign country
Receive from a family member who has died
Period of rule
Organization that held trials for peoples false beliefs
Theory that God decides who shall be king
War among different parts of the same group or country
Betrayel of one's country
Way of performing experiments
Patterns that control the behavior of the universe
Belief that science and natural laws bring individuals and society to a more enlightened state
Rights to life, liberty, and property
Territory that is ruled by another country and is usually very far away from the ruling country
Set of rules explaining the structure and powers of the government
Political system in which people freely elect government leaders
Banning of trade
Send away
Knitted cloth used to make clothing and other goods
Large building in which many people work at the same time
Development of new machines and the creation of factories
Parts that are identical in size, shape, and quality
Feeling of strong loyalty to a culture or territory
Ruler who has complete power
Policy of forming and maintaining an empire
Close association between nations to achieve a common goal
Not taking any sides
Payments for harm done to other countries
Change of a government or social system
Elected workers' council or cimmittee set up by Russian laborers

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