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I guess if you don't jump you'll never know if you can flyKerosene
Unbridled or tethered and tied, the safety of the fence or the danger of the rideRevolution
When I stood up in geometry and everybody stared at me and I tossed my test into the trashFour The Record
It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stoneFour The Record
His fist is big, but my gun's biggerCrazy Ex-Girlfriend
'Cause I'm not easy to understand, but you know me like the back of your handRevolution
She loves me more than anything, and she wants the world for meKerosene
You got the bullets, I got the gun, I got a hankering for getting into somethingFour The Record
I should have held on to my pride, I should have never let you lieCrazy Ex-Girlfriend
Treat your love like a fireflyKerosene
You were too caught up in giving too much up and not doing what you should have beenCrazy Ex-Girlfriend
Put a little light in the darkest places, put a little smile on the saddest facesRevolution
It's a half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drownRevolution
Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really ain't a crimeKerosene
Lord knows I've tried a thousand times to give you upFour The Record

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