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Can you name the Razzie Winner for Worst Picture from 1980-2011?

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YearMovieDirector and Star
1980Nancy Walker, Steve Guttenberg
1981Frank Perry, Faye Dunaway
1982Terence Young, Laurence Olivier
1983Peter Sasdy, Pia Zadora
1984John Derek, Bo Derek
1985George P. Cosmatos, Sylvester Stallone
1986 (tie)Willard Huyck, Lea Thompson
1986 (tie)Prince
1987Paul Weiland, Bill Cosby
1988Roger Donaldson, Tom Cruise
1989William Shatner
1990 (tie)Renny Harlin, Andrew Dice Clay
1990 (tie)John Derek, Bo Derek
1991Michael Lehmann, Bruce Willis
1992David Seltzer, Michael Douglas
1993Adrian Lyne, Robert Redford
1994Richard Rush, Bruce Willis
YearMovieDirector and Star
1995Paul Verhoeven, Elizabeth Berkley
1996Andrew Bergman, Demi Moore
1997Kevin Costner
1998Arthur Hiller/Alan Smithee, Ryan O'Neal
1999Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith
2000Roger Christian, John Travolta
2001Tom Green
2002Guy Ritchie, Madonna
2003Martin Brest, Ben Affleck
2004Pitof, Halle Berry
2005John Mallory Asher, Jenny McCarthy
2006Michael Caton-Jones, Sharon Stone
2007Chris Sivertson, Lindsay Lohan
2008Marco Schnabel, Mike Myers
2009Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf
2010M. Night Shyamalan, Noah Ringer
2011Dennis Dugan, Adam Sandler

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