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Wizarding government
Item through which wizards and witches do magic
Unit of money (gold)
Unit of money (silver)
Unit of money (bronze)
The only all-wizard village in Britain
Britain's wizarding school
Dark wizard catcher
The trio made up of the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Invisibilty Cloak
Writing utensil used by wizards
Animal commonly used for communication
Non-magical person
Objects at Hogwarts used to protect common rooms and decorate walls
Non-magical person born to a wizard and witch
Highly intelligent cat look-alike (example: Crookshanks, possibly Mrs. Norris)
Giant spider (example: Aragog)
A spirit of chaos (example: Peeves)
Street including Gringotts, Ollivander's, and Madam Malkin's
A street including many shady-looking shops
A piece of one's soul embedded in an object after committing murder
Voldemort's closest servants
The mark of a servant of Voldemort
An object used to view memories from the past
The most popular wizarding sport
One of the positions in Quidditch, where the player tries to throw a large red ball through one of the opposing team's goalposts for 10 points
One of the positions in Quidditch, where the player hits large projectiles at the other team
One of the positions in Quidditch, where the player searches for the smallest ball in the game and tries to catch it for 150 points
One of the positions in Quidditch, similar to a goalkeeper
A wizard who can change into an animal at will
A wizard who can change their appearance without spells or potions
Going instantly from one place to another
Britain's wizard prison
A creature that feeds on the emotions and souls of humans
The largest British wizarding newspaper
Magazine edited by the slightly loony Xenophilius Lovegood
Creature often featured by the Quibbler, viewed by everyone else as a joke
Giant snake that kills you with its stare
Substance that allows communication and travel through fire
A creature that is half-horse, half-eagle (example: Buckbeak/Witherwings)
A tournament held by Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang, where three (or four) wizards compete in tasks to test their knowledge and skill
A creature that finds treasure and precious metals
The language of snakes
Someone who speaks this language
A dead body enchanted to follow the orders of a wizard
Intelligent creatures who work with metal. Many distrust humans.
Stargazing creatures who dislike the wizarding government.
Creatures that are usually enslaved by rich wizards.
The first book of the Harry Potter series
The second book of the Harry Potter series
The third book of the Harry Potter series
The fourth book of the Harry Potter series
The fifth book of the Harry Potter series
The sixth book of the Harry Potter series
The seventh book of the Harry Potter series

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