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The primary type of Moltres
What you say in golf when you hit a ball in the wrong direction
How your muscles feel after a long workout
The name of a famous board game, without the Y
The candy known as ________ Patch Kids
The badge obtained after defeating Koga
The first word in a Pokemon attack, before the word play.
There are this many Pokemon in Oddish's evolution line
Pansage, Pansear, and Pan_____
Kyogre's most powerful attack, Water S______
A boxing match
Used to travel on water
An animal in the name of Tepig's final evolution
A Pokemon attack that forces switches
What cars drive on
A group of three: T______
The leftover part of an orange, or other fruit
The badge obtained after defeating the twin gym leaders of Hoenn in Mossdeep City.
Razor _____ is a two-turn Normal type attack.
The ability Pickup helps you _______ items after battle.
The NFL team in Miami is commonly known as the...
Many people in Florida are ________ of the above.
One of the most common computer fonts is _______ Serif.
Tyranitar automatically has his Special Defense boosted 50% due to its ability _______ Stream
The move Fling lets you ______ your item hurtling at your opponent.
The answer above, but in past tense.
The fictional character Delibird resembles, but without the ending letter.

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