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This pale Orc began the War of Dwarves and Orcs by beheading King Thrór, and was Thorin Oakenshield's nemesis. His son Bolg led in the Battle of Five Armies.A
This son of Denethor (Steward of Gondor) attacked Frodo to try to get the Ring; he repented and died fighting an Orc ambush.B
This Elf was the Lord of Lothlórien alongside the Lady Galadriel. In Sindarin his name means 'Silver Tree', and indeed he shares the name of the tree at Tol Eressëa.C
This Dwarf led the Dwarves at the Battle of Five Armies, became King Under the Mountain, and defended Erebor with Brand of Dale against Sauron.D
This Elf ruled Rivendell, bore the Elven ring Vilya, and convened the council of his name to decide what to do with the newly-found One Ring.E
This Ñolda Elf crafted the Silmarils and Palantíri, began the Elf rebellion and self-exile from Valinor, and led the First Kinslaying. F
This Dwarf joined the Fellowship, became the great friend of Legolas, and later was lord of the Glittering Caves under the Hornburg.G
This King of Rohan was forced from the Mark by Dunlending attacks. He successfully defended the fortress that would bear his name when Théoden returned in the War of the Ring.H
This King of Gondor helped lead the Last Alliance of Men and Elves against Sauron. Aragorn was his heir, and the Ring his bane.I (J absent)
This Dwarf traveled with the company of Thorin Oakenshield, and had keen eyesight and scouting skill. He had a strong bond with his brother Fíli. K
This Hobbit was trying to auction Bag End's items when Bilbo returned, and often desired the house. She did win respect for her resistance against the Ruffians in the Scouring.L
This Hobbit, one of the Fellowship, was a good friend of Théoden, King of the Mark. His strike on the leader of the Ringwraiths allowed Éowyn to destroy him.M
This Vala is associated with pity, grief, and endurance of the spirit. Gandalf was her pupil, and used her understanding to become the wisest of the Maiar and Istari (Wizards).N
This Vala loved hunting evil in the forests, and he first found the Elves. His hound Huan slew Carcharoth, the greatest werewolf to ever live, after the latter ate a Silmaril.O
This Hobbit, one of the Fellowship, was knighted in Gondor and became the Thain after helping lead the Hobbits in the Battle of Bywater against Sharkey's Ruffians.P (Q absent)
This Istar (Wizard), named the Brown, was in close kinship with nature and lived at Rhosgobel in the Mirkwood.R
This Hobbit killed his cousin Déagol to take the One Ring, hid beneath the Misty Mountains before Bilbo Baggins 'stole' his ring, and accidentally destroyed the ring.S
This Elf was King of the Woodland Realm in Mirkwood, led the Elves in the Battle of Five Armies, and after a fighting retreat destroyed Sauron's forces from Dol Guldur.T
This abomination was the greatest of the Giant Spiders, nearly killed Morgoth himself with webs of Unlight, and spawned Shelob, giving her name to Shelob's lair's pass.U
This Vala created the stars, was most revered by the Elves, and her name was shouted by many (including Frodo) to ward off evil power.V
This Ringwraith was the leader of his kind, captured Fornost from Arnor, and was finally destroyed on the Pelennor Fields.W (X absent)
This Vala created the Two Trees of Valinor, as well as the Ents, and Radagast was one of her Maiar.Y (Z absent)

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