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Forced Order
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What movie is based on Ringu?
♪One, two♪ (Freddy's song)
Who was the killer in Friday the 13th?
♪Five, six♪ (Freddy's song)
Who has a chainsaw for a hand?
What did Jason wear before the hockey mask?
How many times do you say Candyman to make him appear?
Who is the protagonist in the most Friday The 13th films?
Johnny Depp first starred in what horror classic?
Who was the original miner in My Bloody Valentine?
Who was the first killed during Alien?
Yyou yell shark______' (Jaws)
What movie takes place in Haddenfield?
What was the ship called in Aliens?
What is Tommy watching on tv in Halloween?
Who is buried in the Pet Semetary?
He ate his liver with what?
When does Jason get his hockey mask?
Where do they hide in Dawn Of The Dead?
How many Friday The 13th films did Jarvis appear?
How many years are in between Jeepers Creepers killing sprees?
How many Ghostface are there in the Scream franchise?
Which Friday The 13th film had a crippled character?
Who is the killer in Final Destination?
What is the book from the Evil Dead called?
What horror film was Nancy watching in Nightmare On Elm St?
♪Three, four♪ (Freddy's song)
What was the ship called in Alien?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre ''Who will survive_____''
Who is Jame Gumb?
Name the protagonist in A Nightmare On Elm Street
♪Seven, eight♪ (Freddy's song)
Where was Chop Top during Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 1?
What did they do last summer?
What species is Pinhead?
Name the protagonist in Halloween
Name the killer in Black Christmas
''The call is coming from,'' say it with me now
What does Jason's 'ki ki ki, ma ma ma' mean?
♪Jeepers Creepers♪
Who is the Re-Animator?
♪Nine, ten♪ (Freddy's song)
What is Michael Myer's nieces name?
When is the night, HE comes?
Where is the Kill Clowns From Outer Space's weak spot?
Who was Pinhead planned to fight?
What doll brand was Chucky?
What mostly comes at night? Mostly?
Kevin Bacon first starred in what horror classic?
''They're coming to get you Barbra''
Who uses a chainsaw?
Sam Loomis from Halloween was named after a character from what movie?
Who was the first vampire shown on film to be hurt by sunlight?
Who survives the Night Of The Living Dead?
''You yell barracuda, everybody says_____''

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