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Band with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr?
Yellow hot dog condiment?
Organ that pumps blood throughout the body?
Most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere?
Largest brass instrument?
Desserts spelled backwards?
Earth's natural satellite?
Tropical hairy brown-shelled fruit?
Largest planet in this solar system?
Household object with a face, hands, and numbers?
Name for a group of crows?
Mario and Luigi's video game company?
Spring-like toy invented in 1945?
Thin, soft metal that comes in foil variety?
German philosopher who originally promoted the ideals of socialism?
First letter of the greek alphabet?
Nickname for the American 1920's?
Hard pastry generally cooked in the shape of a person?
Holiday celebrated with pine trees and mistletoe?
President on the two-dollar bill?
Board game including jail, a thimble, and St. Charles Place?
Smallest (in size) coin currently in circulation in the United States?
Religion that follows the ideas of Buddha?
Stone placed to mark a gravesite?
The United State's first major war after gaining independence?
Adjectives for verbs?
Man on the front of the $10 bill?
Counting up from zero, the first number to include an 'A' in it's name?
First element on the periodic table of elements?
Movie series with R2-D2 and Darth Vader?
Largest living mammal on the Earth?
Day of the year that the second, third, and fifth presidents of the United States all died on?
Earth's supercontinent before it divided?
Closest planet to the sun?
The most shoplifted book in the world?
United States president after George H.W. Bush?
The first Time magazine Man of the Year?
Tallest mountain on the Earth?
Person who discovered electricity through a key and a kite?
Only ingredient in a Hershey's bar?
Crustacean with pincers that walks sideways?
Sport with bat, ball, and diamond shaped in-field?
Food ingredient in TNT?
Website you are on?
Spider with an hourglass-shaped design on it's belly?
J.K. Rowling wizard hero?
Pie made with marinara sauce and cheese?
Sport in which players play with a single pigskin ball?
Color seen when an object refracts all other colors?
Snakelike creature that lives in water and has babies called elvers?
Group of geese in the air?
Flavor of original yellow Starburst?
Mythological horse creature with a horn?
Group of geese on the ground?
Region of space from which nothing can escape?
Bright red corundum gemstone?
Soft drink originally named for it's cocaine content?
Name for a group of common fish?
Mammal that flies and hunts using echolocation?
Country that houses the great outback?
Common name for H20?
Inca city on a mountain ridge above Urubamba Valley in Peru?
Arcade game with flippers, bumpers, and balls?
Famous poet and playwright that wrote Hamlet?
Soft drink named by the original amount of ounces it was sold by and the direction the bubbles in it went?
Most common first name in the world?
Most populated country on Earth?
Mythological creature with one eye?
Color opposite of blue on the color wheel?
Country originally named Gaul?
Uncarved jack-o-lantern?
Wax and string object that holds light?
Black card suite besides spade?
Sport with sixteen balls and six pockets?
Animal with long neck in Africa?
Third last letter of the english alphabet?
Statue that wears a size 879 sandal?
Bird that naturally lives in Antarctica?
The bold number on all Heinz ketchup bottles?
Food-preserving kitchen appliance?
Number of hours in two days?
Story with Frodo Baggins and the one ring?
Common fiber obtained from sheep?
Part of the body butterflies use to taste with?
Maintains body shape and structure within an animal?
Sand that sits on an underground water source?
Largest ocean on the Earth?
Southern-most country in Africa?
Smallest state in the United States (area)?
Long, curved instrument made popular through jazz?
Frozen water?
First person to set foot on the moon?
Exploration group led by Lewis and Clark?
Natural land disaster with intense winds?
The color of carrots before they evolved to be orange?
Drug in common pain-relievers?

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