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QUIZ: Can you name the annoying tv shows?

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who lives in a pineapple under the sea
this show just breaks my achey brakey heart
idont understand how this show makes so many young kids scream for it ijust dont
the show should be titled `lets watch the grass grow, listen to my annoying kids and drink beer on the hill'
this show reminds me of the perfect storm movie ~ thers nothing entertaining about it ~oooh lets look at the crabs
d*o*e*s* any one know the story behind this show's title?~ it has nothing to do a W*I*T*H the show
oh look at me i'm a sophmore and i am having a baby~ yall need life lessons b4 u take part in grown-up activities
help im dating a loser and he knocked me up~ please make him change his ways in 30 days
if this is reality ~ PLEASE LEAVE ME IN THE MOVIES!!!!!
please raid my closet and srtip me of everything that makes me different from the rest of the mindless drones in the world

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