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Do you remember the Pokémon of Ash's that defeated the following Gym Leaders' or Frontier Brains' final Pokemon?

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Opponent's PokémonAsh's Pokémon
Lt. Surge's Raichu
Sabrina's Kadabra
Koga's Golbat
Blaine's Magmar
Rudy's Starmie
Bugsy's Scyther
Whitney's Miltank
Morty's Gengar
Chuck's Machoke
Brawly's Hariyama
Flannery's Torkoal
Norman's Slaking
Winona's Swellow
Noland's Articuno
Greta's Medicham
Spenser's Claydol
Roark's Rampardos
Crasher Wake's Floatzel
Byron's Bastiodon
Volkner's Luxray
Cilan's Pansage
Lenora's Herdier
Clay's Excadrill
Brycen's Beartic
Korrina's Mega Lucario
Ramos's Gogoat
Clemont's Luxray
Valerie's Spritzee

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