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Forced Order
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Don't keep your hand in mine/ Your hand feels so grand in mine
Isn't it rich?/ Isn't it queer?/ Losing my timing this late in my career
What a fool to think she might love me/ I opened my heart and let her walk through
Once the music hits you, inhibitions fall away / And you find that you're expressing things your voice daren't say
Don't be offended by my frank analysis/ Think of it as personality dialysis
I have no one but me.../Fairy godmother, godmother where can you be
There's a far away land so the stories all tell / Somewhere beyond the horizon
A human being's made of more than air/ With all that bulk you're bound to see him there
And I said to my heart as it foolishly kept jumping all around/ 'I got lost, but look what I found!'
I treasure every gifty, the ring is really nifty. / You say it cost you fifty, so you're thrifty,I don't mind.
In these dreams I've loved you so/ That by now I think I know What it's like to be loved by you
Lyrics Song TitleShow
Did I overstate my plan?/ Did I stress the man?/ And forget the child.
Oh, isn't it a shame? I can neither sew/ Nor cook nor read or write my name
Once upon a time and long ago / I heard someone singing soft and low
A matchbox of our own/ A fence of real chain link,/ A grill out on the patio/ Disposal in the sink
She needs a friend./ She needs a father, brother, sister, mother's arms.
Do I flatter her?' I begged him answer. 'Do I threaten or cajole or plead? Do I brood or play the gay romancer?' Said he, smiling: 'No indeed.
Dear if you should feel my gloom/ Blame it on me/ Blame it on your Daddalee and Mammalee/ ‘Cause depression runs in our family
Just like Cain and Abel/ You pulled a sneak attack/ I thought that we were brothers/ Then you stabbed me in the back
Did I abuse her/ Or show her disdain? /Why does she run from me?
There's bound to be some other person who believes in making it a threesome,/ Making it three...../ People you can say: believe in me.
Passing bells and sculpted angels, cold and monumental/ Seem for you the wrong companion, you were warm and gentle

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