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Can you name the vocabulary from units 10 and 11?

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Forced Order
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Adverb. Also, or similarly.
noun. A long fluffy feather often used as an ornament on clothing.
Adverb. Done, made, or taking place a short time ago.
noun. An upright pipe or channel that carries smoke away from a fire, usually out of a building. (plural)
adverb. Entirely, actually, or really.
Noun. Exciting or dangerous experiences. (plural)
Noun. A book in which the author tells the story of his or her life.
noun. A long hollow cylinder, especially one used to carry or hold liquids.
Verb. To deal with something boldly or bravely. (past tense)
Adjective. Being injured with cut skin, usually because of an accident or violence.
Noun. Tiny living organisms that can cause disease. (plural)
Noun. A girl or woman who is admired for doing something brave or good.
noun. A ship capable of submerging and operating under water; submarine.
verb. To damage or destroy something by pressing it under heavy weight.
adjective. Able to be done.
Verb. To narrate or tell about. (past tense)
Noun. People who are receiving treatment from a doctor or other health care provider.(plural)
noun. A creature with a shell that lives in water, such as a crab, oyster, or mussel.
verb. To make something work or to put something in action. (past tense)
verb. To guard or to keep something safe from harm, attack, or injury. (past tense)

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