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Name the colours in the Hunger Games

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Colour of...Colour
Katniss' eyes
Peetas eyes
Gales eyes
Katniss' hair
Peetas hair
Skin tone of people from the Seam
Cornucopia (as described in books)
Liqour Haymitch drinks
Foxfaces hair
Bread from District 4
Katniss' backpack in the 74th games
Buttercups fur
Caesar hair and makeup in 73rd games
Caesar hair and makeup in 74th games
Caesar hair and makeup in 75th games
Skin of the Morphlings
District 1s arena outfits
District 2s arena outfits
District 5s arena outfits
District 11s arena outfits
District 12s arena outfits
Belt in 75th arena
Cinnas eyeliner
District 2s feast bag
District 5s feast bag
Colour of...Colour
District 11s feast bag
District 12s feast bag
Tracker Jackers
Monkeys in 75th arena
Effies hair in HG
Effies hair in CF #1
Effies hair in CF #2
Birds that killed Maysilee Donner
Flowers Katniss put around Rue
Peetas favourite colour
Katniss' favourtie colour
Katniss' last dress in HG
President Snows roses
Annies wedding dress
Mockingjay pin
Lavinias (avox girl) hair
Finnicks hair
Glimmers eyes
Venias hair
Octavias skin
Fulvias tattoos
Cressidas tattoos
Castor and Polluxs beard
Prims eyes
Seeders eyes

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