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Can you name the answers to 20 questions from each HP book?

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Who does Arabella Figg say that she's going to kill?Order of the Phoenix
What does the Howler that Petunia receives say?Order of the Phoenix
What colour is Tonks' hair when she first meets Harry?Order of the Phoenix
What item is used to eavesdrop on the Order meeting?Order of the Phoenix
How long has Sirius been stuck in the house at Grimmauld Place when he talks to Harry?Order of the Phoenix
Mrs. Weasley thinks she has found a nest of what (dead) creatures under a sofa?Order of the Phoenix
Who informs Harry and Mr. Weasley that Harry's hearing has been changed?Order of the Phoenix
Who is the first person that Harry sees Mrs. Weasley's boggart turn into, dead? Order of the Phoenix
What plant did Neville receive for his birthday?Order of the Phoenix
Which sentence does Umbridge make Harry write in his detention?Order of the Phoenix
Who encourages Ron to cut ties with Harry?Order of the Phoenix
Who attacks Draco for talking badly about Harry?Order of the Phoenix
Who has Dobby hidden in the Room of Requirement when they got too drunk?Order of the Phoenix
What is the first spell that DA practices?Order of the Phoenix
What is the title of a leader of a tribe of giants?Order of the Phoenix
How many Death Eaters does the Daily Prophet report have escaped from Azkaban?Order of the Phoenix
Which Educational Decree made Umbridge headmaster?Order of the Phoenix
In the forest, which centaur carries Umbridge away?Order of the Phoenix
In The Hall of Prophecy, which row contains the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort?Order of the Phoenix
Who holds Harry back when Sirius falls through the Veil?Order of the Phoenix
Who has replaced Fudge as Minister of Magic?Half-Blood Prince
What is the title of the pamphlet the Ministry of Magic has sent out?Half-Blood Prince
What has Slughorn turned into in order to hide from the Death Eaters?Half-Blood Prince
Who is supposed to act as the Weasley's and Harry's bodyguard in Diagon Alley?Half-Blood Prince
Who discovers Harry lying petrified on the floor of the Hogwarts Express?Half-Blood Prince
Which potion must the class make in Slughorn's first lesson?Half-Blood Prince
Whose memory does Harry and Dumbledore see in the pensieve during their first lesson?Half-Blood Prince
Who does Harry attack outside of the Three Broomsticks?Half-Blood Prince
What is the name of the orphanage Tom Riddle lived in?Half-Blood Prince
At Christmas, what does the Minister accuse Harry of being?Half-Blood Prince
Who is the Apparition Instructor?Half-Blood Prince
What drink does Slughorn give Ron, which poisons him?Half-Blood Prince
What is the name of Hepzibah Smith's house-elf?Half-Blood Prince
After what 'event' does Harry retrieve Slughorn's memory, unaltered?Half-Blood Prince
Which spell does Harry use against Malfoy in Myrtle's bathroom?Half-Blood Prince
What was Trelawney going to hide in the Room of Requirement, when she met someone else in there?Half-Blood Prince
After returning from the cave, who lends Harry and Dumbledore brooms so they can fly back to Hogwarts?Half-Blood Prince
Who does Harry chase after Dumbledore has been killed?Half-Blood Prince
What is the name of Snape's mother?Half-Blood Prince
At the funeral, what colour flames surrounded Dumbledore's body after the eulogy?Half-Blood Prince
What does Harry cut himself on when cleaning out his trunk?Deathly Hallows
Who is sent to escort the Dursleys to a new, safe location?Deathly Hallows
On what creature did Kingsley and Hermione (disguised as Harry) escape from Little Whinging?Deathly Hallows
Who cast the curse that cut off George's ear?Deathly Hallows
Which 'cousin' is Harry disguised at at the wedding?Deathly Hallows
Who stole the locket from Kreacher?Deathly Hallows
In the Ministry, whose office does the polyjuiced Ron need to sort out?Deathly Hallows
Who does the trio talk to in order to find out what has been going on at Hogwarts?Deathly Hallows
Which book does Hermione take from Bathilda Bagshot's house?Deathly Hallows
What does Xenophilius claim that Luna is fishing for in the stream?Deathly Hallows
What does Bellatrix throw at Dobby, eventually killing him?Deathly Hallows
Name one of the two people Harry used Imperius on at GringottsDeathly Hallows
Whose eye was it that Harry had seen in the Two-Way Mirror?Deathly Hallows
What does Amycus do to McGonagall, that makes Harry use the Cruciatus Curse on him?Deathly Hallows
Who is the last person Fred talks to before he is killed?Deathly Hallows
What pours from Snape's mouth, eyes and ears as he is dying?Deathly Hallows
Whose body does Harry see Neville and Oliver Wood carry?Deathly Hallows
Who is the true Master of Death?Deathly Hallows
Who destroys the final horcrux?Deathly Hallows
How many years has passed before the epilogue starts?Deathly Hallows

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