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Can you name the answers to 20 questions from each HP book?

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How many presents does Dudley receive on his birthday?Philosopher's Stone
What type of snake did Harry speak to at the zoo?Philosopher's Stone
Which hotel did the Dursleys and Harry stay in to avoid all the letters Harry was receiving?Philosopher's Stone
What is the number of the Potters' Gringotts vault?Philosopher's Stone
Who does Harry ask for help to get onto Platform 9¾?Philosopher's Stone
What was the first used password to the Gryffindor Tower?Philosopher's Stone
What two people do Harry and Ron run into on their way to duel Malfoy?Philosopher's Stone
What kind of balls do Harry and Oliver Wood practice with during Harry's first (private) Quidditch lesson?Philosopher's Stone
Who does Hermione set on fire during the first Quidditch match?Philosopher's Stone
On what item does Harry read a small mention of Nicolas Flamel?Philosopher's Stone
Which potion can be made using the Philosopher's Stone?Philosopher's Stone
What time does Harry, Hermione and Neville meet Filch for their detention?Philosopher's Stone
Who is the first centaur they meet in the forest?Philosopher's Stone
Which chess piece does Ron sacrifice himself to?Philosopher's Stone
Which kind of regular drink, neither potion nor poison, is included in the potions riddle?Philosopher's Stone
What colour are the flames Harry go through to get to the final obstacle?Philosopher's Stone
Who does Harry claim that he sees himself shaking hands with in the Mirror of Erised?Philosopher's Stone
Where does Harry feel pain when Quirrell touches him?Philosopher's Stone
What flavour of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans does Dumbledore eat in the Hospital Wing?Philosopher's Stone
How many points does Gryffindor end up having, making them win the House Cup?Philosopher's Stone
What is the pudding, that Dobby drops on the floor, decorated with?Chamber of Secrets
Who did Aunt Petunia make the pudding for?Chamber of Secrets
Who comes to rescue Harry in a flying car?Chamber of Secrets
What village do the Weasleys live near?Chamber of Secrets
What was Hagrid buying in Knockturn Alley?Chamber of Secrets
When Snape hands Harry and Ron the Daily Prophet right after they arrived at Hogwarts, what does the headline read?Chamber of Secrets
What did Ron use to 'fix' his wand?Chamber of Secrets
Which spell does Lockhart use to try and capture the Cornish pixies?Chamber of Secrets
What does Nearly Headless Nick celebrate on Halloween?Chamber of Secrets
What kind of people does Ron explain as 'kind of the opposite of Muggle-born wizards'?Chamber of Secrets
Who tells the students about the Chamber of Secrets?Chamber of Secrets
Who visits Harry late at night in the Hospital Wing, while he is regrowing his bones?Chamber of Secrets
Who is the first student to be petrified?Chamber of Secrets
Whose cat does Hermione accidentally transform into?Chamber of Secrets
What name is written on the first page of the diary that Harry and Ron finds?Chamber of Secrets
Who tells Dumbledore that the school governors has decided that he must leave the school?Chamber of Secrets
What is the name of Aragog's wife?Chamber of Secrets
In the Chamber of Secrets, what are the columns shaped as?Chamber of Secrets
Who/what does Harry ask for help when the basilisk is chasing him?Chamber of Secrets
What does Dumbledore suggest that Ginny should drink after she comes out of the Chamber?Chamber of Secrets
Which class is Harry writing an essay for at the start of the book?Prisoner of Azkaban
What is the name of Aunt Marge's bulldog?Prisoner of Azkaban
What does Harry tell Stan Shunpike that his name is?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who waits for Harry at the Leaky Cauldron?Prisoner of Azkaban
What colour is Crookshanks?Prisoner of Azkaban
Where does the Divination class take place?Prisoner of Azkaban
Name one of the things, besides the Grim, professor Trelawney saw in Harry's tea leavesPrisoner of Azkaban
What shape does Parvati Patil's boggart take?Prisoner of Azkaban
On what day is the Fat Lady attacked?Prisoner of Azkaban
Behind what statue is the passageway to Honeydukes?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who let Sirius Black into the Gryffindor dorms?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who is Buckbeak's executioner?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who is dragged into a hole by the Whomping Willow?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who reveals that Lupin is a werewolf?Prisoner of Azkaban
What is Snape holding when he appears in the Shrieking Shack?Prisoner of Azkaban
In the Hospital Wing, how many times does Hermione turn the Time-Turner?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who cast the Patronus that Harry saw earlier?Prisoner of Azkaban
Whose office is Sirius locked in?Prisoner of Azkaban
How many real predictions does Dumbledore say that Trelawney had made now?Prisoner of Azkaban
Who does Sirius say can keep the owl he sends Harry a letter with?Prisoner of Azkaban
In which town does the Riddle House stand?Goblet of Fire
Which colour did Dudley's tongue become after eating a Ton-Tongue Toffee?Goblet of Fire
How much money did Fred and George bet Ludo Bagman at the World Cup?Goblet of Fire
Who is Ireland's seeker?Goblet of Fire
Which Quidditch move is Krum seen using at the World Cup?Goblet of Fire
Who is accused of casting the Dark Mark, resulting in them being fired?Goblet of Fire
What colour ferret does Moody turn Malfoy into?Goblet of Fire
Who tries to put their names in the Goblet of Fire, resulting in them growing beards?Goblet of Fire
What spell did Harry learn before facing the dragon?Goblet of Fire
Who did Ron laugh at for asking Hermione to the Yule Ball?Goblet of Fire
What is the name of the article Rita Skeeter wrote about Harry, Hermione and Krum's 'love triangle'?Goblet of Fire
The Prefect's bathroom is behind the fourth door to the left of which statue?Goblet of Fire
On what date does the second task take place?Goblet of Fire
What creature made Fleur retire from the second task?Goblet of Fire
While in the cave, what does Sirius reveal that he has been eating?Goblet of Fire
Before the third task starts, how many points do both Cedric and Harry have?Goblet of Fire
What creature in the maze requires Harry to answer a riddle?Goblet of Fire
In the cemetery, what does the tombstone, that Harry is tied to, read?Goblet of Fire
What does Harry bring back with him from the cemetery?Goblet of Fire
Who is waiting for Harry in Dumbledore's office?Goblet of Fire

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