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Cast MembersSeason
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Neleh Dennis
Clay Jordan and Penny Ramsey
Troy Robertson and Alicia Rosa
Amber Brkich and Shii-Ann Huang
Matthew von Ertfelda and Rob Cesternino
Peih-Gee Law and Todd Herzog
Lex van den Berghe and Frank Garrison
Yau-Man Chan and Kenward 'Boo' Bernis
Taj Johnson-George and Stephen Fishbach
Russell Hantz and Brett Clouser
Ozzy Lusth and Becky Lee
Colleen Haskell and Kelly Wiglesworth
Cast MembersSeason
Rafe Judkins and Gary Hogeboom
Jimmy Johnson and NaOnka Mixon
John Cochran and Sophie Clarke
Candice Woodcock and Jerri Manthey
Jon Dalton and Rupert Boneham
Rob Mariano and Phillip Sheppard
Amanda Kimmel and Parvati Shallow
Colby Donaldson and Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Twila Tanner and Eliza Orlins
Terry Deitz and Danielle DiLorenzo
Crystal Cox and Jessica 'Sugar' Smith
Ian Rosenberger and Jennifer Lyon

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